Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seattle Doodles

these are mostly people that were lurking around this weird show we were at. The top left is one of the doods from Cowards.

This guy had no pants and looked exactly like this.

Mike and Connor, kinda.

Top guy here is supposed to be Geoff I think.


Gillibean said...

Lovely post! I love seeing traditional colour in a sketchbook.

Nice variety of characters.

Damien Jones told me about you, said youll be at CTNX. Hopeully Ill bump into you and see these sketches for real!

Great blog!

Courtney Garvin said...

Gillian, wow i just looked through your blog and your stuff is incredible. i may take up that schoolism discount offer some time too, i took the steven silver one a while ago as well. wish i got this msg before CTN but nice to meet you electronically anyways ;)

Colin Jack said...

yup I'm enjoying you blog ...linked