Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CTNx 2011

Just got back from my first CTNx, and thought I'd share a few photos or whatever. The above is from Gentle Giant studios. These are the best 3D prints i've ever seen! Time to learn Zbrush...

Kent Melton was doing sculpture demos in the foyer.

these are trad sculpts that were on display, Chavant clay i think. as you can see I was very interested in anything sculpting haha.

This was actually from the "bong district" as I like to call it, in downtown LA. ninja turtle and bart simpson glasswork, incred!

Got a tour of the studio with some other rad Canadians. We also got to see a screening on the old disney lot on a different day, shucks!
Oh and there was costumed life drawing happening in the foyer at CTNx too. This old couple were really funny, here they are as pirates, and again as like a french butler/maid or something.

For anyone who foolishly didn't make it to the convention, they recorded all the panels and they will be up on the CTNx website real soon. Definitely worth watching. k that's it!


admin said...

Hey, thanks from coming to CTNx. Glad to hear you had a good time. ~Tina Price Founder CTN animation eXpo

Jeffrey Lai said...

Hey Courtney!
It was really nice meeting you!
Really dig your sketchwork!
fun stuff!